1How do I know you will follow-up on unpaid claims?
MBX prides itself on its approach to unpaid claims. We have developed a system that mandates expert intervention when there is a problem. This ensures claims are never dropped and all possible reimbursement from payers is achieved. Additionally, we routinely audit reimbursement data to confirm our clients are being paid the highest possible allowable amount.
2How do I know you will follow-up on reimbursement that is the patient’s responsibility?
MBX uses several different methods to make payment as hassle-free as possible for patients. We personally manage all call centers that interact with patients and offer payment via mail, phone and online. In addition, there is an option to communicate with patients via email and text. Most clients see a dramatic decrease in bad-debt write-offs in their first year with MBX.
3Do you offer payment plans to patients?
Yes. We can offer plans that protect practices’ cash flow and drive down many risks and costs associated with extending credit to patients through payment plans.
4Does MBX bill for both the in-patient and out-patient setting?
We have experience billing in all location types including hospitals, private practices and free-standing centers.
5Does MBX code?
Yes. Our experienced team can code from notes or dictation. MBX provides documentation feedback to providers whenever necessary to ensure that all reimbursement is coded to the most appropriate level.
6Can MBX help me with MACRA requirements?
Yes. It is our goal to ensure that all possible revenue streams are maximized and protected.
7Do you only work with offices that have a certain type of EMR/EHR?
With one of the most experienced IT teams in medical billing, we have the ability to make virtually any EMR/EHR program flow into our software for seamless integration that improves efficiency and cuts down days in accounts receivable.
8How will I know what is going on with my billing?
Every client at MBX is assigned a Client Account Manager (CAM) who is personally responsible for your results. In addition, MBX offers its clients a business intelligence dashboard that is accessible online so administrators can see the activity for their practices and locations 24/7.
9Does MBX provide credentialing services for providers and locations?
10Does MBX comply with all legal and regulatory issues in all 50 states?
Yes. MBX’s Compliance Department ensures both its staff and clients are kept apprised of all healthcare billing related legal and regulatory requirements. We provide ongoing training, encourage continuing education, promote industry specific association memberships, and publish a monthly newsletter (MBX CLUB News) which highlights compliance and legislative updates for billing.