At MBX, we are passionate about results.

We understand that in today’s challenging healthcare market, there is continual downward pressure on reimbursements while costs and claim denials seem to rise at an alarming rate.

Right the First Time - Data Capture

Results have proven MBX to be a market leader when it comes to clean claim rates and capturing, purifying, verifying, and reconciling billing data. Utilizing data interfaces from all your sources, MBX technology performs advanced scrubbing to ensure the quality of billing criteria for ‘right the first time’ data capture.

An Expert Human Touch – Intelligent Coding

MBX utilizes a blended approach to coding that delivers maximum accuracy. Our integrated coding software progresses in an escalated fashion, depending on the complexity of the procedure, to higher levels of coding review and qualified personnel. We provide regular feedback to our clients from our coding experts to ensure compliance and maximize revenue.

A Thorough Approach – Denials Management

Our dedicated teams of skilled accounts receivable representatives ensure that any denials encountered are handled in the most expedient way. Our technology provides up-to-date and readily available information via automated ticklers so all denials are recognized, addressed and resolved – sooner rather than later.

Maximized Revenue – Insurance & Payments

MBX constantly monitors insurance reimbursement to confirm that dollar amounts are at the contracted rate and act quickly should a discrepancy be found. In order to help patients meet their financial obligations, MBX can offer ImagineHonorCare™ as a payment option. It is a quick and simple no-interest healthcare payment plan that funds your practice within 15 days and does not have the risks of loan management, additional billing or debt collection.

Keeping It Friendly – Customer Care

MBX leverages user-friendly methods of communication to effectively collect patient balances. Online bill pay, personalized phone calls, balance reminders including e-mail and text messaging, and synchronized USPS mailings can all be utilized to expedite and encourage payment. Our experienced call center team is available to answer patient calls and questions should they arise.