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Reimbursement Model Strategy

There is no doubt that the only constant in healthcare reimbursement is that it is constantly in a state of change.
Capitated payments have always been managed care’s way of delegating risk to the provider. CMS continues to bundle payments and on a greater scale. Value-based reimbursement strategies are inherent with penalties – some outweighing the bonus opportunities involved. It is critical for all medical professionals know how any of those changes will impact their reimbursement and put procedures in place to mitigate the negative impact or even come out ahead where possible.

Chip Porter, CEO of MBX

There is one element that will always remain the same, no matter the financial climate in the healthcare industry. Change. The ability to recognize and adapt to change is the number one factor that will determine long-term financial success; and there is no doubt that the revenue cycle is changing.

MBX is working today to protect your income of the future. We ensure PQRS and other merit-incentive program parameters are included on claims and will notify our clients if we recognize missed opportunities to demonstrate quality in care. Our compliance department constantly monitors industry and payer bulletins and alerts our team to issues that affect our clients.

Let MBX’s thought leadership be your strategic guide to reimbursement model strategy.