MBX’s experience makes it a leader in client onboarding in the revenue cycle management industry. In an era of ever-increasing competition and more complex regulation, onboarding your chosen MBX solution sooner rather than later will boost your efficiency, deliver an outstanding customer experience and ensure that you collect more revenue, faster.

Perhaps the most important step in the process is the first one – getting to know you and your practice. We develop a relationship that efficiently implements a revenue cycle management service that integrates with your organization, driving maximum business process efficiency with maximum customer care.

Next, MBX familiarizes you with the processes, reporting and billing functions we will be performing for your day-to-day operations. The result is a transparent service for your practice, giving you the knowledge and control you need over your finances.

A formal client review meeting is held to sign off on the successful completion of onboarding and at that point your revenue cycle management solution ‘Goes Live’. Your dedicated MBX Client Account Manager (CAM) has been involved behind the scenes from the beginning, and this is the point where the MBX CAM becomes your main point of contact. The CAM’s sole proactive role is to ensure your complete satisfaction with MBX’s performance and service.

Our Focus – Your Peace of Mind

Throughout the entire onboarding process our focus is your peace of mind.

MBX understands that cash flow is the lifeblood of your organization, and changing billing providers is always a worry. In the last two decades, the MBX team has successfully onboarded hundreds of practices to the MBX Imagine Revenue Cycle Management platform. Our experience, dedication, passion for excellence and continual communication throughout the entire onboarding of your outsourced service will ensure that your cash flow, revenue and reputation are protected.