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APEX Business Intelligence (Apex BI) is a powerful healthcare data analytics tool that enables organizations to maximize financial performance by providing timely knowledge and easy-to-use customizable dashboards. Virtually any quantifiable metric in the practice management system can be analyzed. Apex BI eliminates the need to spend time manually compiling information; its data visualization tools easily track performance, identify problems and recognize areas of inefficiency.

Data can be compared across time periods, units or physicians, and viewed in big picture summaries or in detail format. Custom reporting is also available and can incorporate other data sources, such as accounting or staff scheduling, to help determine cost per RVU and optimize staffing.

Your practice’s billing patterns are monitored by Apex BI, and through a series of notifications, automates actions to keep errors from happening again. You can also receive alerts when key metrics are not met or when significant variances occur so immediate action can be taken. Understanding your unique informational needs and delivering data analytics in an easy-to-digest and easy-to-access communication platform creates an undeniable competitive advantage for MBX clients.

Apex Puts the BI in B I L L I N G


Apex BI completely automates revenue cycle reporting. Performance-monitoring Apex BI will eliminate guesswork and enable better fact-based decision making. By continuously improving revenue cycle management, practices can stay focused on key objectives and ensure that operational processes support strategic financial goals.