International Day of Radiology

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October 27, 2016
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International Day of Radiology


By: Ian Farmer

Could you ever think of medicine without Imaging. So amazing was the invention of the X Ray, that we now celebrate the International Day of Radiology, with imaging being such an integral facet of delivering excellent patient care.

This year, on November 8th, the focus is on breast imaging, a dreadful disease that sadly has been far to near to home with a couple of our team members personally being affected. Delivering patient care of course goes well beyond the examination room and delivering value these days means helping patients with their billing and payments as well as easing their burden at a time when the pressure is already mounting as a result of being unwell. Delivering patient care and value for the radiologist means he or she must manage the challenges that MACRA and APMs bring which, although well intentioned, put a and extra load on any practice in the race from “volume to value.

I am sure that when German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen accidentally discovered X Rays in 1895, in his wildest dreams, he never thought that there would ever be a time when there was this much government intervention in our profession.

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