The Top 5 Ways MBX Grows Your Practice

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5 Ways to Stay on Top of Medical Billing Compliance
July 14, 2016
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The Top 5 Ways MBX Grows Your Practice


One the many benefits of outsourcing your healthcare revenue cycle management process is that if you pick the right partner, your practice will grow and flourish.  Below are the top five ways that clients have told us MBX has helped grow their practice:

  1. Effective Charge Capture: MBX’s effective charge capture protocols ensure that every dollar is billed.  For many of our new clients, this means that they are doing the same amount of E/Ms and procedures, but find they are being paid more.
  2. Accurate Coding: We constantly communicate with our clients about new coding conventions which helps avoid documentation omissions that lead to denials or even decreased reimbursement. This communication can lead to higher productivity for providers who are confident in their documentation and maximize revenue through increased reimbursements from accurate coding.
  3. Denials Management: We pursue all your unpaid claims and never ignore denials because they are for a small balance.  If we pursue every dollar, your revenue will increase without added work.
  4. Business Intelligence: Changing reimbursement models are becoming increasingly reliant on the quality of care.  Our Apex BI lets your office identify issues quickly, which can increase your clean claim rate leading to higher reimbursement now and also in the future.
  5. Efficient A/R Management: Our goal is to make the billing process transparent to the point where neither your healthcare providers nor your patients realize that you are using a revenue cycle management partner for your billing.  Happy patients and physicians lead to more referrals and increased revenue.

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